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What is Dokus


DokUs is an universal platform with which you can create and executing user surveys on your website and generate documents based on the data received. During the survey, DokUs can exchange data with other systems, send the information by email.

Creating survey programs is carried out using the designer and does not require programming skills. A fully functional version of the program is available in the free version.

Depending on the data obtained in the process, you can change the survey program, request additional data, adjust the results, or create documents. Survey programs are created from standard blocks that you can add, delete, and change their parameters.

Here you can see how the program looks in the designer, which starts when you click on the "Contact Us" button on the main page.

The DokUs platform consists of modules:

  1. The program designer module allows you to create and edit polling programs.
  2. The program management module displays a list of programs available for editing and execution; allows you to create, delete, export and import programs.
  3. The template management module allows you to download document templates for use in programs. You can use Open office Writer or Microsoft Word files in docx format as a template.
  4. The program launch module executes the survey program created using the constructor.

Embedding the universal DokUs platform in your website is very simple: you can use special modules to install in CMS or add system modules through the iframe tag. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in our download area.

The universal DokUs platform is completely autonomous: during the execution of survey programs, it does not transmit information and does not process data on third-party servers. However, when creating a survey program, the author may exchange data with external resources. For this, the program designer has a special data receiving unit and a data sending unit.

After installing the platform, do not forget to visit our download area and see sample programs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Video 1. Creating a simple program.

Video 2. Making a claim.

Regards, DokUs development team.
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